Hola! I'm Parumita (Paa-roo-mee-ta)

A little bit about me

I work at Victoria's Secret as a Product Designer. I graduated from M.S Human-Computer Interaction & Design at Indiana University in 2021. I also have a bachelor's (and master's) degree in Economics.

My inherently curious personality has led me to explore many fields before settling on UX and now I get to learn new things everyday through design.

I'm a huge tech geek, so you'll find me exploring new technology and trends all the time. Currently, I'm exploring ways to use AI to supercharge my work. (I still feel AI is a tool for us thinkers to innovate and improve efficiencies. Check back later if I change my mind.)

Fun fact: I have an obsession of airplanes which led me to watching a ton of air crash investigation videos, which led me to developing a fear of flying, which finally led me to doing my capstone on fear of flying! Currently, I'm trying to UX my way through flying anxiety.

Watch my design philosophy!

It's been 3 years since I created this, but it still feels largely relevant.

"Good user experience has wholeness and consistency, the diverse channels of the experience come together to provide high value and unity."

On a side note, my hobbies include traveling 🌎 and talking to natives, eating their food 🥘, and playing with their dogs 🐶. On a completely random note, I am a huge airplane nerd. ✈️

Want to say hi?

Shoot me an email at sparumita@gmail.com
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